About Color Schemes – Introduction to Level 3 Art & Design

Dates: August 13-14, 2019

Tutor: Gail Harker

Status: Enrollment Open

2 days of Color, Color and more Color. Students will have a choice to work and learn about color schemes using acrylic paints and paper or paints with fabrics and threads. A short supply list is sent in advance of this session.

No qualifications or experience necessary. Course fee will be applied to registration for Level 3 Art & Design – Acacia, should you register (either before or after this pre-session.)

  • To register for this course online, simply add this course to your shopping cart.
  • For course levels 2 through 4: please send us a signed registration form (last page of the course brochure) even if you elect to register online. 


Note: Register for the full Level 3 Art & Design course before or after this pre-session and this amount will be paid towards the Level 3 Course fees.