Tutor: Gail Harker

Starts: 20-23 November, 2019.  This class will be held over five 4-day sessions, covering a one year period.

Class Name: Saffron

Course Brochure: Level 2 Design & Machine Stitch

Prerequisite:  The only prerequisite for Level 2 Machine Stitch is Level 1 Experimental Machine Stitch.  If you’ve taken Level 1 Machine Stitch, but haven’t turned in your work from it, there’s still time to complete it!  You can bring it to the first session of Level 2 Studies in Design & Experimental Machine Stitch.

Studies in Design and Experimental Machine Stitch is a Level 2 Course that takes the level 1 student to a higher level of confidence and achievement. The focus of this course will be to translate original designs into stitched art through a myriad of sewing machine techniques.  Gail will assist students with their designs, machines and techniques and will demonstrate the use of color and preparation of the fabric ready for stitching. A variety of stitch, paper, fabrics and threads will be used. Subjects explored may include people, animals, flowers, plant forms, landscapes and patterns. You may have a topic you would like to work with. Anyone who has studied Level 1 Experimental Machine Stitch may register for this course.

Starting 20 November 2019

Level 2 Experimental Machine Stitch

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